2020 Champagne Investment Report

Download our brand new Champagne Investment Report: Including comparative market research, highlighting trends in the Champagne market.

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The benchmark Champagne index rose by more than 80% in the last decade and has been a star performer so far this year. Cult Wines' Champagne annual report 2020 reveals important insights about the region’s recent stability, increasing market share and shifting consumer preferences.

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In this essential guide for the Fine Wine Investor and Champagne lover we cover the following topics:

  • How has Champagne performed during the pandemic?
  • What role does Champagne play in a diversified portfolio?
  • What is the correlation vs other key wine investment regions?
  • What consumer trends are being played out?
  • Which producers and vintages should I invest in?

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Diversify your Wine Investment Portfolio with Champagne

Having only recently been considered a Fine Wine investment, Champagne has seen consolidating prices despite some volatility surrounding other major regions for the past few months. Increased market share and the appetite generated by landmark celebrations are also positives for Champagne market next year.

Our optimism for Champagne is driven by its long-term stability and higher risk-adjusted returns. We think that the current environment of the wine market calls for a more balanced portfolio and the merits of diversification and defensive characteristics found in Champagne support our view for a long-term 15% allocation, with a tactical Overweight stance.