Fine Wine Investment Outlook 2021

The Cult Wines Research Team take a look into what investors should expect from the wine market in 2021 in our exclusive report.

Fine wine investments are on firm footing as we head into 2021. Our favourable outlook rests on fine wine’s stable track record and growing geographic diversity. After posting a positive return in 2020 amid a range of macro challenges, we think fine wine can build on its recent performance as its long-term growth rate suggests the market still has room to improve. In this report we explore the main themes that will continue to impact the fine wine market over the next year and beyond.

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The performance of fine wine will depend on the following key themes


Fine wine would benefit if COVID vaccines help the hospitality sector normalise. But can fine wine remain stable if the economy continues to suffer?


Brexit creates additional obstacles for the wine industry, but the greatest impact could come from the value of the British pound. Would a weak pound have a positive or negative effect on fine wine prices?


US tariffs hurt certain segments of fine wine in 2020 but Joe Biden’s election could mean Bordeaux en primeur enjoys a boost in US interest this year.