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Founded in 2000, the London International Vintners Exchange (Liv-ex) runs an internet and telephone based information, trading and settlement platform for merchants and investors. Including more than 400 merchants and traders from 36 countries worldwide, Liv-ex has been crucial in increasing transparency and liquidity in the fine wine investment market. Liv-ex also publishes a set of crucial indices useful for measuring price developments for the fine wine market.

Liv-ex - The Fine Wine Exchange


As a global exchange platform, Liv-ex has over 400 members in 33 countries. The exchange is regulated by the membership committee, which is made up of elected members of the trade and Liv-ex management. The committee sets and enforces the exchange's rules. Every trade on liv-ex is governed by a pre-agreed trading contract and buyers are underwritten by credit insurance.

The backbone of the fine wine market remains Bordeaux, and Liv-ex reflects this with highest volume of trade dedicated to these wines, though the proportion has slipped to 86% in recent years, reflecting the diversifying market and growth in other French investment wine regions such as Burgundy, Champagne and Rhone, as well as Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and New World wines.


From more than 3 million lines of current and historic data, Liv-ex regularly publishes weekly and monthly market updates which are useful to understanding the state of the market as well as a set of important indices tracking the movement of price points for the most important investment grade fine wines, the most important of which are highlighted in the table below.

Liv-ex Indexes / Indices

Liv-ex Fine Wine 50 The 10 most recent vintages of the Bordeaux First-Growths (the most heavily traded commodities on the exchange).

Published: Daily
Market Identifiers: LIVXFW50 (Bloomberg) / LIVFW50 (Thomson Reuters)
Liv-ex Fine Wine 100 The 100 most sought-after wines (95+ RPJ points) on the exchange. The industry benchmark.

Published: Monthly
Market Identifiers: LIVX100 (Bloomberg) / LIVF100 (Thomson Reuters)
Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables 200 wines from the 24 top Bordeaux chateaux, aiming to mirror a typical investment portfolio.

Published: Monthly
Market Identifiers: LIVXFWIN (Bloomberg) / LIVFWIN (Thomson Reuters)
Liv-ex Bordeaux 500 Price movements of leading 500 Bordeaux wines with 6 sub-components detailing movements within regions and classifications.

Published: Monthly
Market Identifiers: N/A


Cult Wines Ltd are associate members of Liv-ex and own a data license which allows us to share with you the latest news, information and key market indicators from the exchange.

Liv-ex Fine Wine 50

Liv-ex Fine Wine 100

Liv-ex Fine Wine Investables

Liv-ex Bordeaux 500

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